UWM 2023 Convention

Business Meeting

Please access the full 2023 UWM Business Meeting information which includes -- (1) Annual Convention Information, (2) Proposed Standing Rules, (3) Business Meeting Agenda, (4) 2022 Business Meeting Minutes, (5) UWM Board and Leadership, Recruitment & Development Team (LRDT) Members (see information below), (6) Financial Reports, (7) Membership Model Policy and video, & (8) UWM Bylaws with Approved Amendments. All information will also be posted on the WHOVA conference app.
Click here to watch the Membership Model Q&A video by Rev. Shad Groverland.

Leadership Development and Recruitment Team (LRDT) - Elected

Deni Ralston - Licensed Unity Teacher Position
Rev. Jackie Hawkins - Minister Position

UWM Board of Trustees - Elected

Rev. Kyra Baehr - Member
Rev. Russell Heiland - Member
Rev. Valerie Mansfield - 2nd Vice Chair

Convention Award Recipients

The Awards Nomination Team has selected the following recipients for 2023:
Rev. Karen Lindvig – Light of God Expressing in Unity Award (Seattle Unity, Washington)
Rev. Paulette Pipe – Myrtle Fillmore Award ("Touching the Stillness")
Rev. Carole O'Connell – Charles Fillmore Award (retired - Clearwater, Florida)
Basil Brave Heart – Light of God Expressing in Society Award (Lakota Elder)
Rev. Prentiss Davis – Rev. Dr. Ruth Mosley Award given by Unity Urban Ministerial School (Retired - Unity of Ocala, Florida)
We thank our Awards Team (Rev. Maggie Alderman, Rev. Tracey Quillen, and Rev. Susan EngPoole) for their work in selecting the recipients.