YFM Awards

Unity's Religious Emblems Programs Children3

For Youth, ages 6–18

Working with a mentor, these programs help young people learn about their own spiritual nature through Unity philosophy. Awards can be earned for Boy Scouts of America; Camp Fire, Inc.; Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.; 4-H and other youth groups. Unity ministries can implement the program for their young people who want to deepen their spiritual understanding and earn the award. Download the brochure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Young people involved in a Unity church as well as national youth groups including the Boy Scouts of America; Camp Fire, Inc.; Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.; and 4-H Club.

  • Talk with your parents and your minister about how to earn the award and who can be your mentor for the program.
  • Download the appropriate workbook for your program below.
  • Start working with your mentor on the activities listed in the workbook.
  • After completion of all activities, have the minister send the signed application form to Unity Worldwide Ministries. Please note that the applications in the workbooks are out of date.
  • Order the emblems using a credit card by calling 816.434.6812 or mail in your payment with the provided form in packet. Please note that the order forms in each workbook do not reflect the current pricing.
  • When the emblem arrives, you and your minister should set a date for the presentation of the award at an appropriate church service.

Direct your questions about the Religious Emblems Program to Brenda Hicks-Wiggins, Support Specialist, email or call 816-434-6823.

Emblem (Award) Descriptions

This program helps young people of Unity deepen their faith and further their knowledge of the Christ within. Working with parents, mentor and minister, the young person progresses through the workbook—applying for the award when completed. For more information, download the brochure. To complete the program, download the workbook and order form. 

Gives young people in Unity a practical method to achieve a basic spiritual understanding of the truths taught by Unity. When the workbook is successfully completed, youth are recognized for their achievements by receiving their award/patch in the presence of the church body and/or their scouting group. Download the brochure or the workbook.

This award helps teens achieve a greater understanding of who they are, the laws and principles of practical Christianity as taught by Unity,  the personal, Christ within, and how to relate and integrate spiritual principles into daily life. Download the brochure or the workbook.

Leaders of Vision Award

Award program for teens active in their Youth of Unity (YOU) group to honor and celebrate the work that individual YOUers do in deepening their spiritual development and leadership skills. The self-paced study offers three areas of study—prayer, service, and leadership—for youth, ages 14–18. YOUer may choose one or more of the areas to complete.

How do I start?

  • Talk with your sponsor and minister about working on the award.
  • Download the PDF packet.
  • Meet with your sponsor and minister on a regular basis to discuss progress
  • After completion of program, have sponsor and minister sign application and submit to Unity Worldwide Ministries.
  • Arrange for award to be presented either at the international event or in your home church.
Distinguished Youth Service Award

national recognition developed by Unity Worldwide Ministries to acknowledge those adults who have given their time and energies to the church or region by serving the spiritual development of Unity children and teens.  For more information, please contact Support Specialist, Brenda Hicks-Wiggins or call 816-434-6823.