Youth Curriculum - Online

Self-DirectedSelf-Directed Lessons for Children & Teens

As we move more fully into these virtual times, we have the opportunity to create interactive online experiences for our children and teens. The lessons are designed to be self-directed, where learners can explore the content through a computer or any mobile device. The learners can move through the lessons on their own as well as exploring them with a parent or guardian. The lessons can also be used in a classroom setting.

There are a variety of options, so we invite you to explore below and see what works best for your ministry. 



Welcome to Virtual Adventures!

VA LogoThe Virtual Adventures youth ministry curriculm is designed to be self-directed so students can access the content at any time from any computer or mobile device. It can also be use in a group virtual environment, like Zoom, or in an onsite classroom. The provided flexibility allows ministries to supply the lessons to the families for their desired use. Simultaneously, the YFM team may choose to offer a community experience where children could join to work through a lesson as a group experience or reflect on the lesson they reviewed in preparation. The content is divided into three age groups: (a) Elementary (b) Tweens, and (c) Teens.
Each lessons contains:
~ Opening Experience
~ Meditation Zone
~ Media Room
~ Creation Station
This is a group project funded by the South Central Region.

Unit 1

Unit 1 - Self-Awareness

Unit 2

Unit 2 - Feelings

Unit 3

Unit 3 - Growing Faith

Unit 4

Unit 4 - Diversity/Inclusion

Unit 5

Unit 5 - Being Resilient

Unit 6

Unit 6 - Gratitude

Unit 7

Unit 7 - Belonging

Unit 8

Unit 8 - Earthcare

Unit 9

Unit 9 - Power of Thought


Unit 10 - Managing Conflict

Unit 12

Unit 11 - Self-Responsibility

Virtual Adventures - Holidays

To engage the lesson, follow the link to the "classroom" and click around the photo to see what adventures await!





Virtual Lessons

Each lesson, designed for children ages 5 to 10, contains a link to PowerPoint that can be shared during a live or video conferencing session, instruction sheet and a link to the Youtube video story.

FrederickWe Each Have Something to Contribute

PowerPoint Lesson
Frederick Videoby Leo Lionni

Rainbow CrowWhat We Think Matters
BucketActs of Kindness Can Change the World

PowerPoint Lesson
Fill Your Bucket Video by The Learning Station