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Our Purpose


Member Support cultivates relationships and a feedback-rich environment with Unity ministries and leaders. 


Through leading edge services and resources, we collectively prosper and evolve in spiritual community.

Who We Are and What We Do

Member Support is the area of Unity Worldwide Ministries that collaborates with and supports our ministries, credentialed leaders, and lay leaders in the work they do of sharing the Unity message and awakening and transforming human consciousness.  
Your Member Support team is committed to embodying the above purpose statement and to serving you with compassion and excellence!
We provide a variety of no-cost support services to help members:
  • Launch and Grow Ministries: congregation-based, community-based, service-based, and study groups.
  • Assess Employment Readiness (for both ministries and ministers)
  • Market The Ministry/Market The Credentialed Leader
  • Hire New Ministers & Spiritual Leaders/Find New Opportunities
  • Craft and Negotiate Employment Contracts, Job Descriptions, Staff Evaluation Process
  • Connect Future Spiritual Leaders & Unity Ministers with Resources on Path to Unity Ordination: special dispensation, mentor programs
  • Identify Appropriate Resources for Transitions/Gaps: UWM Certified Consultants, Interim Ministers, Transitional Specialists, Minister of Record (MOR)
  • Understand, Interpret and Apply UWM Policies and Bylaws 
  • Resolve Board/Leader Conflicts
  • Manage Through Down-sizing, Dissolution, Disaffiliation
  • Navigate Related UWM Services and Functions

More information on the above can be found under the Ministry and Spiritual Community Support, Employment Support and Evolving Ministries sections of the Member Resources & Support tab.  Information on leader CEU requirements and related trainings can be found on the Education Overview page.

The Member Minute - Timely Topics from Member Support


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“In Good Standing”

Questions arose at the Annual Summit regarding the phrase “In Good Standing”. Over the years, the Unity cultural definition of this phrase has evolved. The UWM Membership Model Policy defines this phrase as:

For a Leader. To be in good standing, a Leader will be active (as defined in the Membership Model policy), have a UWM license or ordination that is not suspended or rescinded, properly submitting their yearly Credentialed Leaders Report (CLR), taking all required Continuing Education Units (CEU), living in accordance with the UWM Code of Ethics, Sexual Conduct Policy, Social Media Policy, and fulfilling all Member Leader agreements. 

For a Ministry. To be in good standing, ministries will be affiliated with UWM, properly submitting their Annual Ministry Report (AMR), living in accordance with the UWM Code of Ethics, Sexual Conduct Policy, Social Media Policy, and fulfilling all Member Ministry agreements.

For more information please contact membersupport@unity.org

Member Support is dedicated to teaming – to partnering with you in releasing the potential in your ministry.  Please contact us to brainstorm new ideas, to work through challenges, and to celebrate your successes!  membersupport@unity.org