Minister Contract Considerations/Minister Review Process



Contract Considerations and Annual Minister/Ministry Review Process

Entering into contract negotiations with your new ministry or minister can seem daunting. It is our intention and hope that this guide will help you navigate the process with ease and confidence.

First, before entering contract negotiations, it is imperative that each ministry have followed and lived up to the expectations as outlined in the Ministry Employment Readiness Policy and Procedures. 

In addition, the candidate for employment must also have followed and lived up to the expectations outlined in the Ministry Employment Readiness Policy and Procedures. This includes utilizing the UWM Employment Services and the pre-employment steps. For more information contact UWM Member Support Coordinator at or UWM Member Support Employment Assistance at

Contract negotiations are meant to be a collaborative effort to clarify the needs and expectations of both the ministry and the minister as you embark on this new and exciting journey together.

But it can also bring some questions and concerns if you have never negotiated a spiritual business agreement such as the one you are about to co-create.

We at Unity Worldwide Ministries are here to support and educate you in this important process. The more clarity you have at the beginning of this new relationship, the more effectively you will work together over the coming years. The Negotiating the Minister/Ministry Employment Contract document is meant to be both an educational tool to understand the elements of a minister contract as well as a template for your use in creating a contract in alignment with current best practices. Please reach out to Member Support for additional information and guidance in using this document and template.

The idea of evaluation can make us vulnerable and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, evaluation is essential for ongoing growth and improvement. It is a tool for determining where we are in relation to where we would like to be. Without clear, intentional, and ongoing processes of evaluation, organizations tend to be focused on maintaining the status quo rather than continuously evolving and deepening their capacity to fulfill their mission.  

Tools For Your Board and Ministry

Member Support has a number of evaluative tools for your use:

  • Whole Ministry Review: This tool assists ministries in exploring all areas of the ministry from the viewpoints of the minister’s and board’s functions and from a personal perspective that encourages individuals to consider how they participate in creating a successful ministry. Feedback and input garnered through this process supports a journey of continuous growth and active participation in the ministry.
  • Mission Development Guide: This tool is for ministries intentionally operating from a mission-centric perspective supporting all members of the community in growth and development while enhancing their ability to fulfill the ministry’s mission. The collective data can be used by the board in strategic planning and supports a deepening fulfillment of its mission.
  • Board Review: Planning and evaluation are key responsibilities for the board. To fulfill this responsibility, it is imperative the board continually look at its own functioning each time a change occurs.  Considering how to work more effectively and collaboratively with one another. This tool assists in that process.
  • Board Self-Assessment: This simple self-reflective tool is designed to assist individual board members to consider how they can most effectively use their gifts, talents, and passions in service to the ministry and how they serve as one cohesive family.
  • Minister/Board Team EvaluationEffective ministry is a collaborative effort in which the minister and board work together as a spiritual team to forward the mission of the ministry. This tool is a powerful way of exploring together how you are doing and how you can be more effective. We recommend that the board and minister engage this process annually.
  • Minister Performance EvaluationFillable performance evaluation template which is tailored to align with general ministerial duties and can be modified to fit your specific minister evaluation needs.