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Welcoming System Guide


Go beyond handing out visitor’s packets! Create a community-wide culture that engages, supports and guides people from their first guest visit, committed membership and finally to leadership. This three-phase system shares strategies for all sizes of spiritual communities—from beginning/small centers to mature/large centers.

Even if your welcoming process is well-established, this guide provides proven practices that took our field-testing ministries welcome process to the next level.

Spiritual Gifts Discovery Guide

Spiritual DiscoveryYes, your volunteers are capable of making coffee—but is it one of their spiritual gifts? Imagine the joy and energy it would give your community when your volunteers discover and match their spiritual gifts with their service!

This five-week facilitated small group class allows new and experienced community members into a deeper exploration of their true passions, core values and purpose… their spiritual gifts…and how they are being called to serve in the world. They truly become Sacred Servers.

Sacred Service Ministry Guide

Sacred ServiceYour Sacred Servers have discovered their spiritual gifts…now what? Sacred Service Ministry members end up serving, growing and being served themselves. They deserve a whole systems approach for spiritual growth through their gifts-based service. A system that creates ways for those serving to feel successful, fulfilled, cared for and developed.

The Sacred Service Ministry Guide is more than a “volunteer program,” it provides all your community will need to set up and develop your own Sacred Service ministry. This guide includes a step-by-step creation process, position descriptions, interview templates, a sample “opportunities list” and much more.

Emotional & Spiritual Development Guide

Spiritual DevelopmentYou know a spiritual community needs an intentional process to help individuals develop their emotional and spiritual maturity…this means providing more than a worship service!

Tailor-made for Unity communities, this guide delivers a wide selection of courses and techniques including a roadmap and implementation guidelines. You choose which will best fit the needs of your spiritual community members… meeting them where they are and moving forward to live your mission  and vision.

Practice of Thriving Book 1 and Book 2

Leadership Development Guide

Lead the wayGreat leaders do more than have meetings and come up with ideas…they are role models that inspire others to step into leadership with them and bring out the best in others, supporting their growth into leadership. Now imagine a spiritual community where all leaders truly act from a place of enlightened consciousness; modeling their community’s spiritual principles and core values to all they meet.

Embodying Unity principles, the Leadership Development Guide shares ways to identify potential leaders, develop and coach them as they become the Unity leaders of the future. Leaders who inspire others to respond to their inner call to serve.

Future Planning 1 Guide

Future Planning 1Future Planning 1 Guide gives Unity communities the steps to hold “conscious conversations” and engage the whole community. Discover what is important and valued about your spiritual community and what the current state of your ministry really is.





Future Planning 2 Guide

Future Planning takes a teamFuture Planning 2 Guide shares options for defining your community’s future, as well as developing and implementing plans to realize it.

This guide also includes real-life examples of how Unity field-testing ministries kept their communities engaged and focused on the future they wanted to create.

Youth and Family Ministry

Youth and Family Ministry


Youth & Family Ministry Guide

YFM GuideGrow a dynamic Youth and Family Ministry program and implement best practices for all youth and volunteers using this 290-page resource. This is the bible for setting up, running and growing your youth program. It is loaded with questions, suggestions, forms, ideas and resources to assist you in creating an exciting program for your children and teens. Areas of interest include: Risk management (sacred safety), How to write a policy and procedure manual, Financial categories typical in youth ministry, Presenting and creating curriculum, Web, music and book resources, 25 customizable forms in a separate zip file.

Teen Ministry Manual

YFM Guide ImageThe Teen Ministry Manual is an essential tool for youth directors, Uniteen leaders and Youth of Unity sponsors.