Who We Are


Unity Worldwide Ministries and Central Office

Unity Worldwide Ministries is a qualified 501c3 charitable organization. We are an association that includes Unity ministries, their leaders and congregants, our regions, and our central office. Together, we provide practical teachings to help people live healthy, prosperous, and meaningful lives. See how Unity Worldwide Ministries was formed on our history page.

The central office staff of Unity Worldwide Ministries works to support ministers, ministries, credentialed leaders, regions, the Board of Trustees, and ministry teams. We are your partners in ministry. At the Unity Worldwide Ministries central office, we:

  • Provide a central place for you to contact for resources, tips, and encouragement.
  • Facilitate minister placement.
  • Develop communications vehicles such as the web, videos, social networking, publications, branding materials, and our annual convention.
  • Provide educational opportunities for spiritual growth and career development through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.
  • Implement standards of credentialing for ministers and licensed teachers.
  • Create products for ministry development.
  • Produce curriculum and education products for all ages, including small group ministry.
  • Provide ministries with administrative tools including bylaws, and ministers with pension opportunities.
  • Guide the development of new ministries.
  • Foster the production of uplifting, affirmative music.
  • Organize the ministry teams and their meetings for our governance.
  • Support all who contact us with prayer, etc.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


A world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening.


Advancing the movement of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living.


Develop, equip, and support Unity leaders and communities to grow in innovative, sustainable, and cutting-edge ways.


  • Supportive—Seeking to find what is needed and filling that need.
  • Inclusive—Creating an environment that fosters a culture of trust, respect, and belonging.
  • Resourceful—Finding the workable way forward with creative solutions.

Mark 4:39

Together We Pray for Those Affected by Strong Weather Conditions

With hearts joined together, we lift our collective voice in prayer for protection and resilience for those facing challenges posed by damaging weather that impact our communities and our world. We affirm comfort for those who have experienced loss and strength to those facing uncertainty, seeing communities coming together to support and uplift each other during times of trial. May the efforts of first responders, volunteers, and all who are on the front lines of disaster be filled with courage, compassion, and efficiency as they work to protect and aid those in need.



Charles Fillmore Quote on Peace

Together We Pray Peace in the Face of War

We join together as one global family, transcending borders, ideologies, and divisions. With hearts open wide and spirits intertwined, we raise our collective voice to call for peace in our world. We sow seeds of understanding where error thought has taken root, and dispel the shadows of fear, fostering empathy and compassion among nations. We affirm wisdom for our leaders as they navigate the complexities of international relations. May they prioritize dialogue over discord and seek solutions that honor the inherent dignity of every human being. We see the wounds of war and strife, both seen and unseen, being healed in supernatural ways, and comfort and protection for those afflicted. We lift our collective prayer for an end to global wars.


Charles Fillmore Quote on Peace
Together We Pray to End Gun Violence

In this sacred moment of unity, we gather as one voice, transcending differences to address a shared concern that weighs heavy on our hearts—the pervasive issue of gun violence. Together, we claim healing and transformation. We affirm courage to stand against violence, to be advocates for change, and to work tirelessly for a world where every life is valued and protected. May see beyond our differences and recognize the humanity in each other. May we find common ground that unites us in our shared commitment to peace. Wisdom and compassion guide our leaders, empowering them to enact policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of all. We pray comfort for those who have lost loved ones, and invest in the well-being of our communities, providing resources and opportunities that empower individuals to choose paths of peace. We know that Love and understanding prevail over hatred and fear.

Unity Worldwide Ministries Educational Philosophy: Living Curriculum

The Living Curriculum “is a philosophy, a process and a program of spiritual support to assist children, teens, families and the church community.” It is an approach or philosophy which affirms that the curriculum–that which is to be learned or known–lives within the adult, child or teen, themselves. It moves us past the belief that teachers have all the answers and need to impart them to the students. Instead, there is a realization that all of us are uniquely unfolding on our spiritual path, having access to the Spirit within.



It seeks to draw the lesson from the learner through experiences, stories and creative expression. Through the living curriculum approach lessons are created that will relate to real issues in a person’s life and through a process of questions & discussions, helps them to connect with God and their indwelling Christ spirit.

The vision of A Living Curriculum is to empower children and youth to use their spiritual wisdom to fulfill their soul’s purpose; to empower parents to see themselves as the prime spiritual educators of their children and youth; to empower facilitators to see education as a process, through which they effectively support the unfolding of the child’s spiritual nature and model the living of the spiritual principles; to empower a spiritual community to function with unity in diversity; to inspire a world educational community by its philosophy, process, programs and products.

Issue Based Lessons

“Living Curriculum is issue-centered. Life is all about issues that we are trying to make sense of. By

focusing on issues in our lives through the common experience of sharing story, we become engaged

and involved as we examine these issues. This approach leads to exploring spiritual principles and truths

and to an awareness of how they are operating in our lives.” ~ Unity Worldwide Ministries, Youth and

Family Ministry Guide