Branding Program

GlobalImagine what it would be like for Unity to be globally recognized.

What if everyone knew and understood what Unity is, what we teach, and how we help people to live prosperous and meaningful lives?

Welcome to the Refreshed Unity Branding Program!

What is Branding, and how can we join?

The Unity Branding Program is the program we have developed to help our ministries and ministers to "speak with one voice" for our Unity movement, through branded language, logos, and materials, and be seen as one voice throughout the world. A brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or organization (name, term, sign, symbol, design, or combination of them) and how it relates to key constituencies.

And to continue our enhancements of our Branding Program, we have just released our new updated Branding Manual with the additional branding tools of an expanded color palette for designing marketing materials additional resources for free photos and images, and the addition of branding for our international ministries.

For our Unity Ministry Branding License Agreement, and complete instructions on how a Unity ministry can join, see Unity Ministry Licensing Agreement.

A Unity ministry must be in good standing as a UWM member ministry, and:

  • be led by a Unity credentialed leader in good standing, or
  • be led by a leader actively pursuing Unity credentialing, or
  • meet additional requirements as outlined in the Unity Ministry Branding Trademark License Agreement (see link above), and
  • be familiar with all Branding Program logo usage requirements.

This Branding Manual update will not only help our not yet branded Unity ministries see the value of creating Unity brand awareness in their communities along with our life changing Unity teachings, but will also provide our current branded ministries and ministers with the extra branding tools of an expanded color palette for designing marketing materials and additional resources for free photos and images that can be utilized without any concerns of copyright infringement.

Over 440 ministries in the US and Canada, which is over 85% of our North American ministries, have embraced our Unity Branding Program, along with all 7 US Unity  regions, and our International organizations: Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity World Headquarters, Unity Canada, the Pacific Rim International School, and Puerto Rico. We also have over 60 individual Unity ministers, for a total of over 500 ministries and ministers!

And ... we have an International Branding effort that is ramping up!

How can my ministry join?

To apply:

  • Complete the Ministry Branding Trademark License Agreement (see link above), and submit to Lori Erwin-Johnson. - Send an Email
  • After review for qualifications, we will send you our Welcome Letter with links to additional branding resources for you to review in order to help you understand the proper usage and display of the Unity trademarked logo.
  • There is no cost to a Unity ministry or Unity minister to join our branding program.

Ministry Branding

Benefits and Resources

  • Professionally designed materials - Your spiritual community can take advantage of professionally researched and designed materials. Our research gave us language and visuals that appeals to people within Unity and those who are not familiar with Unity. We have created new materials that will resonate with both groups.
  • The Branding Program will save you time and money - You don't have to reinvent the “wheel” for your communication and marketing materials. The message and visuals are designed for maximum impact and effectiveness.
  • Professionally designed website - Your ministry can elect to create a professionally designed branded website at a reasonable price. Each responsive website is based on our branding research and developed in cooperation with your ministry. This allows each ministry's personality to shine through while also providing a professional and cohesive look. Your website may be set up to be easily updated with DailyWord®.
  • Together, we are much more powerful - The greater our alignment, the more powerful our brand. Never before have we had this degree of unity in Unity. As more and more of your fellow spiritual communities adopt our Unity brand in their marketing and communications, it will become more recognizable by the public. This is a move toward uniting our energies for a more powerful work together. While maintaining our diversity, it is important for us to work as a collective energy in order to continue to grow into this millennium. Here is an example of how Unity ministries across the US are using branding in their signs.
  • Now is the time, and we are the ones - Research shows that there are many people in our world who are hungering for what Unity offers. What better time to unveil your new Unity branded logo and share it with the world? We remain who we are: a Christian-based organization founded on the teachings of Jesus as interpreted by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Our time has come to shine, to take our place as the spiritual movement we were born to be. By positioning ourselves in the world in a high quality, consistent way, we can do just that. Join us in branding as we build a collective energy for what the world is seeking.

Our Branding Program includes our trademarked Unity logo, the language for how we describe ourselves to the world, images that show people coming together in a unified way, and colors that are professionally complimentary to each other for a unified appearance.

In our logo, the word “Unity” is primary, with a unique local designator for each ministry. The local designator should focus on the ministry's location. By emphasizing “Unity” we are helping ourselves to stand out from all other spiritual communities. With a common logo, we become more and more recognizable in the world today.

All of these resources, and even more, become available to your ministry as a part of our Branding Program.

Yes. An individual Unity minister must be in good standing with UWM, and:

  • complete the Unity Minister Branding Trademark License Agreement (see link above), and
  • be familiar with all Branding Program logo usage requirements.

For more information

The goal of our Branding Program is to create a clear and cohesive representation of our Unity movement worldwide as a whole, designed to welcome those who are seeking our Unity teachings. Over time we will build the recognition of beloved Unity family. For more information, contact please contact Lori Erwin-Johnson or call 816.434.6862.