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Below is a listing of curriculum series available through Unity Worldwide Ministries. In our Shop, you can learn more about the curriculum product and required resources, see the scope and sequence chart, plus view a sample lesson either from that specific curriculum item or from the series.

The scope and sequence chart identifies the lesson theme and the Bible or contemporary story used for each lesson in that publication. These can help the youth and family ministry department and the minister to coordinate Sunday school lessons and materials with the Sunday talks given to adults.

Selecting Curriculum

To help you with your curriculum considerations, we have a Curriculum Selection Strategy worksheet.

The Living Curriculum philosophy helps our children to process the lesson in an age-appropriate way and brings the lesson alive.

Note: We are moving toward digital downloads for all new curriculum and for all reprints.


Curriculum Overview

What a Wonderful World! This is a Bible-based, four-book series of 72 lessons. It also requires contemporary children's books. The themes are matched to the elementary Celebrating My God-Self series. Co-co the Wonder Bear puppet, Item #4502, is used throughout the series and only needs to be purchased once.

The storytelling figures change from volume to volume. They are included in each kit (per volume) or can be purchased separately. We recommend laminating the figures to preserve them.

Music available with this series: What a Wonderful World! Songs for Children CD Item #6086.

All Together Now! is a multi-age program (ages 4-12) for the one-room Sunday school. Based on Unity's core beliefs, this program is user-friendly for the novice teacher/director, supplies are easily obtainable and inexpensive. Using multiple learning styles, activities are intended for a wide-range of ages to do together. Available as a download only. This series will eventually cover one year. Required resources: The Children's Illustrated Bible by Selina Hastings (see description below) and Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul 2.

Celebrating My God-self is a Bible-based, six-book series of 72 lessons. The themes are matched to What a Wonderful World! preschool series. Lessons are divided into two age levels: 6-8 and 9-10. Each lesson offers a choice of activities for each age group. If you have a one-room schoolhouse, you can follow the lessons for younger children, then repeat the series by following the lessons for the older children. That will give you three years of curriculum!

Our required Bible resource is The Children's Illustrated Bible by Selina Hastings (DK Publishing), Feb 2004 version, ISBN 9780756602611. Available directly from publisher. (Warning: Later version is sized too small for classroom use.). All story questions are based upon that book's retelling of the story.

Uniteen Life Issues series, (ages 11-13) seven-book series of seven to eight lessons each. They can be used in any order. Each of the books in this series requires Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul, Item #6799. Fair Play and Choices and Consequences also require More Taste Berries for Teens. (Available at your local bookstore or online.)

Navigating Thru Change, Item #6845, eight lessons, guides preteens through looking at how they feel about change, how they respond to change, how they can choose change, and how they can handle changing family situations.

Bring On the Basics!, Item #6844, seven lessons, helps preteens to examine, through using Unity's five basic principles, their beliefs about God and how their choices create their world.

Choices and Consequences, Item #6843, seven lessons, explores how teens' attitudes affect their choices and the importance of listening for inner guidance. Each lesson of Choices and Consequences contains two creative experience options and two stories; the lesson can be used for two weeks.

Fair Play, Item #6842, seven lessons, explores how to deal with others with an open mind and heart.

Relationships, Item #6840, seven lessons, encourages preteens to build more effective relationships despite betrayals, changing friendships and broken promises.

Self-Image, Item #6841-DL, eight lessons, examines the influences upon self-image from media, family, friends and within. Also includes instructions for leading a Heart Talk session.

Unity Basics for Life, two-book series, 20 lessons total on Unity's five basic principles. Also recommended for young adults.

Unity Basics for Life, Book 1, Item #6961, 10 lessons, invites teens and young adults to examine their spiritual beliefs. This issue covers concepts of God, Jesus and the law of mind action (Unity Principles 1-3).

Unity Basics for Life, Book 2, Item #6962, 10 lessons, covers prayer, meditation and living from the Truth we know (Unity Principles 4 and 5).

Authentic Relationships, Item #6960, eight lessons, focuses on relationships between God and self, and self and others. Requires Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III, which can be ordered from

Daily Word for Teens from

The Holiday Spirit: Preschool, Item #6821, three lessons for holidays: Mother's Day, Father's Day and Thanksgiving. Easter and Christmas are included in What a Wonderful World! Volume 2.

The Holiday Spirit: Elementary, Item #6822, seven lessons for holidays: Palm Sunday, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving and two for Christmas.

The Holiday Spirit: Uniteens, Item #6823, seven lessons for holidays: Palm Sunday, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving and two for Christmas.

The Holiday Spirit: YOU, Item #6824, six lessons, covering Palm Sunday, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.