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"We are endeavoring, in Unity, to be both consecrated to Truth and practical in handling all matters coming to our attention...We are endeavoring to see the Christ in all humanity, and to call attention to and encourage the development of the Christ in all who are receptive."

                                                                                                              ~ Unity Co-Founder, Myrtle Fillmore

What services are available?

We are continually evaluating our services to bring our ministries transformative and relevant practices. We have three categories of UWM Certified Consultant team members that make up our Member Support team: Ministry Consultants, Transition Consultants and Transitional Specialists.

For more information to prepare for a leadership transition, once the transition has occurred, or about our consulting services, contact Rev. Joanne Burns at

All of our UWM Certified Consultants can facilitate various pieces of training, meetings, and group processes.  The UWM Certified Consultants each have unique skills and certifications from Unity and outside organizations. These include but are not limited to: Board Trainings, Leadership Skills, Listening Circles, Mission-Vision-Core Values or Purpose Statement Workshops, History Review Healing Processes & HOPCOF (Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future), Healing Circles, Mediation, Integral Ministry Exploration, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion-Justice Workshops (DEIJ), SpiritGroup Support, Enneagram Workshop, Non-Violent Communication, Meyers Briggs Testing, DiSC Testing, and more. 

To discuss a potential training or workshop for your ministry, please email

Ministry Consultants facilitate training, meetings, and group processes based on the needs of the ministry. Ministry Consultants make referrals to the UWM Member Support team for further assistance. These individuals may be credentialed Unity leaders or laypersons with skills and experience in facilitation and a strong foundation in Unity teachings.

For more information, please email

Transitional Consultants work with ministries that are undergoing a leadership change and assist the ministry in preparing for new leadership. Transitional Consultants serve in Temporary Minister Assignments that can be full-time or part-time, in-person, virtual, or a combination, and can vary in length based on the situation and needs of the ministry. Those serving as Transitional Consultants must be Ordained Unity Ministers. 

For more information, please email

Transitional Specialists work with ministries that require specialized support services or are in the midst of a leadership change that require a deeper level of change, growth, or conflict support as well as assist the ministry in preparing for new leadership. Intentional Interim Ministry assignments can be full-time or part-time, in-person, virtual, or a combination, and can vary in length based on the situation and needs of the ministry. Those serving as Transitional Specialists are Ordained Unity Ministers with a minimum of five years in the field with specific skill sets, training, and experience.  Transitional Specialists, also called Interim Ministers, have been certified through the Interim Ministry Network training program.

For more information, please email

The certification process includes educational components and practicum experience for each of the three levels of UWM Certified Consultants, as well as an in-depth interview with the Member Support team.  Requirements for certification may change each year due to ongoing cultural shifts in ministry systems. We want to offer as much up-to-date training as possible and respond to the changing times. All trainees move through the Ministry Consultant educational level, some elect to train to be a Transitional Consultant, while others continue with specialized education to become a Transitional Specialist. 

If you would like to learn more, please schedule an appointment with Rev. Joanne Burns.

When a ministry has lost the services of its minister for any reason there is a need for the ministry board to discern the next steps based on the individual situation at each ministry. First, notify the UWM Member Support team in the first five to seven days of learning of this leadership change. Please email

This notification will initiate a connection with Rev. Joanne Burns for an initial discussion with one or two board members or ministry representatives and then the entire board as a group regarding the next steps based on the unique circumstances and assets of the ministry. 

UWM Certified Ministry Consultants, Transitional Consultants, or Transitional Specialists can provide a dynamic and transformative process for ministries in transition before the formal ministry search process.  There is an abundance of reasons the ministry would benefit from working with one of the UWM Certified Consultants.

Working with a UWM Certified Consultant in between the placement of your next permanent hire will ensure that the ministry is “employment ready”. This process allows for the entire congregation to move through this time of transition while processing the logistical changes and emotional attachments in a centered and healthy process.

If your ministry is ready to enlist support services from a Ministry Consultant, Transitional Consultant, or Transitional Specialist, please contact Rev. Joanne Burns at

What value does it bring to your ministry?

Ministry Consultants, Transitional Consultants, and Transitional Specialists are independent contractors. Their primary role is to create a container for discovery and exploration, allowing the members of your spiritual community to work together collaboratively, share ideas, and call forth the shared intelligence of your ministry.

The greatest gifts a consultant brings to your spiritual community are fresh eyes, specialized vocational training, a neutral perspective, and a gentle heart. They listen deeply to the voice of the community and those in leadership. They invite everyone to think more deeply how to work together to better fulfill the mission and purpose of the ministry and live into their identified shared values. When we individually and collectively fully discover what is ours to do, we align with the rhythm of the Divine and move together to co-create our purpose of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living.

With vocationally trained and centered UWM Certified Consultants, this is what we do. We are prepared to empower spiritual communities toward their Highest Good, equipped to gently walk through any conflict alongside the community and assist in creating wellness in ministry.

If your ministry is ready to enlist support services from a Ministry Consultant Transitional Consultant, or Transitional Specialist, please contact Rev. Joanne Burns at

*UWM is not responsible for and makes no warranty or representation as to the quality or performance of the services offered by individual consultants.