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Would you like support in having conversations with your ministry leaders on the topic of prosperity? Take a moment and view these videos on prosperity, tips created just for you.


Unexpected Income Program


resourcesPractice of Thriving

These resources were part of our Practice of Thriving program. While the program is not active, the book study resources are still valuable for helping to lead participants through an expansion of their concepts of what prosperity is and how it shows up in their lives.

The Practice of Thriving 1.0 booklet is based on Edwene Gaines' Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.

Practice of Thriving 1.0 Class Workbook

The Practice of Thriving 2.0 booklet is based on Eric Butterworth's Spiritual Economics.


Power of Prosperity E-Newsletter Program

Need content for your ministry’s newsletters? Consider using the Prosperity E-Newsletter Program. The Power of Prosperity is based on the following Unity books:

  • The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines
  • The Twelve Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore (focused on prosperity)
  • Prosperity’s Ten Commandments by Georgiana Tree West
  • Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth
  • The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

Support Resources

Prosperity Consciousness From Unity’s Co-Founders
Ever wondered how Unity’s co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore balanced the requirement for financial resources with their understanding that “there can be no charge for matters of the Spirit”? Quotes from early publications show how our early leaders generated the funds to build the Unity movement in the early 1900s. These quotes demonstrate that the current, commonly held belief “Unity does not ask for money” is not only unrealistic but also, in fact, untrue. Timeless Treasures is a booklet that you can download and print for your ministry’s use. Providing a valuable foundation for development work today, this booklet and its quotes guide us as we fundraise in alignment with Principle.

Prosperity Quotes

Have you ever needed a good prosperity quote to start a letter, a talk or a class? We have researched several very prosperous Unity writers, looking for such quotes. We have compiled thirty-three quotes from such authors as Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Catherine Ponder and Ernest Wilson.


Prosperity Consciousness and Tithing Booklet


Our newest booklet, written by Rev James Gaither, is Prosperity Consciousness and Tithing. This booklet looks at the Biblical basis for tithing, how prosperity consciousness prospers you, the relationship of tithing to prosperity consciousness, the symbolic and practical reasons for one-tenth, and the difference between tithing and charity. English version #1057 or Spanish version #1058

Online English 2022 version

Tithing Brochure for Your Ministry

This tithing brochure entitled Partnering With Spirit: Being At One With Our Source gives a good overview of why we tithe as persons and as organizations. As the brochure quotes, "It's about who I am and where my priorities and commitments are." This brochure also has space on the back for your ministry’s name and address.

The Spanish translation of the tithing brochure is now available in limited quantities. Call Claudia Maltos-Young at 816.434.6831 to order. View the brochure on screen in Adobe PDF format.

Create Planned Giving in Your Ministry

As a vital part of your ministry's development program, planned gifts can substantially enhance the giving capacity of individuals. Planned gifts are usually made of a giver’s assets rather than from current income. Often these gifts come from individuals, who have never viewed themselves as being in a position to part with cash, therefore they represent a new group of people choosing to give. A Planned Giving program is an investment in our future. Download this free guide to planned giving for your ministry.

See the planned giving brochure Unity of Walnut Creek created for their congregants.

A planned giving program is an investment in our future. Download the free guide to planned giving entitled "The Greatest Blessings."

For more info, connect with Diana Kennedy, Development and Engagement Coordinator, Send an Email or call 816.434.6814.


IRA Charitable Rollovers

For many donors 70.5 yrs or older, a rollover gift from a qualified IRA just became far more advantageous. Learn more about how your donor and your ministry can benefit in this announcement.