Expansion Ministries Overview

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The process of unfolding or continuous change

to a higher or better state. 

                                                    -  Merriam-Webster Dictionary


The Evolving Ministries Coordinator and all UWM staff are here to provide resources for all our ministries in evolving.  We do this by offering support, guidance, and resources for new expansion ministries, ministries that are “right-sizing” and those ministries best served by a Minister of Record.  

Expansion Ministries - The purpose of all new Unity ministries should be to grow or expand the Unity Movement by reaching seekers and Spiritual Truth students in new areas across the country. 

UWM requires affiliated expansion ministries to be under the leadership of a credentialed Unity leader.  This ensures that the ministry is served by a well-trained professional who is grounded in Unity teachings

There are four types of expansion ministries:

EM-Study Group ImageThese groups have completed their registration with UWM and completed the SpiritGroup host training.  They are formed around common interests and for the purpose of studying and practicing Unity principles. It is our greatest desire that these groups grow into one of the other expressions of ministry. For more information see our UWM Study Group Guides:

Start A Study Group 2021 - English

Comenzo un Grupo de Estudio - Español

SanctuaryOften referred to as "traditional” or “ brick and mortar" ministries, their focus is on their members and church community with regular gatherings of a congregation or spiritual community in a specified public facility and/or location.

Evolving MinistriesThese ministries focus on bringing people together in unique, creative, and powerful ways out in the community to bring Unity teachings and practices to the world.  Some of these experiences could be meditations on the beach, classes at a community center, or meetups at local coffee shops, restaurants, etc., and would include online experiences.

EM-Service ImageThese ministries are focused on providing services for the benefit and betterment of their community, locally and/or globally.  All services provided must be in alignment with UWM’s vision and mission. 

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For More Information: Contact Rev. Glenda Walden, Evolving Ministry and MOR Coordinator, at evolve@unity.org.

Other Resources

The Pioneer Cohort is an action-oriented learning experience meant to provide you with the tools to expand your existing ministry or create a new Unity Community.

Pioneer Cohort - What to Expect

  • Semi-annual reports are due May 1 for the reporting period October 1 of the prior year - March 31.
  • Semi-annual reports are due November 1 for the reporting period April 1 – September 30.

If you did not receive an invite to complete your current semi-annual report, please Send an Email.