Annual Summit

Annual Summit 2024

The recordings for Annual Summit have been posted below.


Following the 2023 Annual Convention, the following UWM Bylaw amendments supporting the Membership Model Policy were approved – (1) Licensed Unity Teachers are now eligible as voting members of UWM, and (2) the classification of members from ministries and ministers was amended to ministries and Unity leaders; the UWM Board then approved the Membership Model Policy. There will be an overview and discussion of the policy at the 2024 Annual Summit. Read the policy here.

Annual Summit 2023


The virtual Unity Worldwide Ministries 2023 Annual Summit was attended by over 200 people! It was all about our past, present, and future. We went back to the past and shared our history, we talked about collaboration and how we are better together, and we shared our plans for future endeavors. Our goal continues to be inclusive, collaborate and transparent.

If you missed the live event or would like to experience it again, check out the recordings and handouts below.