Small Group Ministry Resources

What resources are available from Unity Worldwide Ministries?

Seven-lesson exploration books are available for spiritual exploration from Unity Worldwide Ministries. Each lesson can be easily facilitated by a group leader as each includes a script for facilitators to follow, a relationship-building activity, a reading which is the base for the discussion questions, and a variety of ways to share requests for prayer support.

For a primer on what Unity believes, try Proving the Power of Principle, Item #1113. This is especially good for new members.
To learn more about Jesus' teachings, we recommend Cultivating God Mind Through Parables, Item #1117. See sample below.

Available booklets include:

Spiritual Social Action, Item #1118
Creative Living, Item #1116
Creating a Life of Prayer, Item #1115
Cultivating God Mind Through Parables, Item #1117
Living an Abundant Life, Item #1114
Meeting Myself in the Bible, Item #1112
Knowing the Truth About Healing, Item #1111
Proving the Power of Principle, Item #1113
Trusting the Process of Change, Item #1110. This booklet is based on Finding Yourself in Transition by Robert Brumet.


Check out a sample lesson!

A brief overview of each book's content can be seen in the Scope and Sequence Chart.

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Available in Spanish:

Conociéndome en la Biblia, Item #1122
La Demostración del Poder de los Principios, Item #1123


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