Current Students & Instructors:

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In order to teach SEE field courses, you must be a Licensed Unity Teacher or a Unity Minister.

Syllabi and course materials for our SEE courses are available upon request. Please email or Erin Morse

Please note that students wishing to receive credit for a field course, you must register your field course with us prior to the start of the course. Students will need to enroll in the course on our registration site as well as yours. If a student is new, they must first enroll in the school here: Enroll in UWSI, before they can register for your class.

Instructions and form below.

Online SEE Course Registration Form
Use this form - if you wish to have your course registered with UWSI's online registration system where students can register and pay their registration fee online for your SEE course. This will also allow instructors to submit grades through UWSI's online registration system. To be put on the UWSI website, forms must be submitted one month before the start of the course. Directions will be sent to instructors when this form has been received by the UWSI Enrollment Coordinator, Juli Boyd. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Juli Boyd here.

Click here: How to use Blackboard for Your Field Course - Instructions for step-by-step instructions on how to enter your students' grade in the Blackboard online learning system.

Click here to visit the SEE page for details about each class.


Scholarships are needs based, and available to all learning paths. The needs based scholarship application can be found here. For a full academic year scholarship the deadline to turn in your application is August 8th. For a term scholarshiop, the deadline is 1 month before a given program's term begins.

Please send all inquires on scholarships and to turn in applications for scholarships to our Education Assistant Erin Morse.

Regional Scholarships are available in these Regions:

Eastern Region: Scholarships – Unity Eastern Region
South Central Region: Scholarships — USCR (
Great Lakes Region: Resources | Unity Worldwide Ministries Great Lake Regions (
Canada: Scholarships | Unitycanada


Auditing a Class

Any student may audit a course. Students must enroll in Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute if they wish to audit any course. Students must request to audit a class before the term begins. Regular attendance in the class is required of all auditors. Auditors should talk with faculty about anything else that is required of them in each class. A class being audited may not be changed for credit after the last day to add a class. Not all courses are available for audit. 
Students who successfully complete an audit will receive a grade of “AU.” This indicates regular attendance and involvement in an audited course. Academic credit is not received. Students who withdraw from or who are unsuccessful in the audit receive a grade of WA. This indicates that regular attendance and/or requirements were not satisfactorily fulfilled for an audited course. 
To request permission to audit either an SEE or M&RS course, the student must fill out a Request for Audit Form and return the form to the UWSI Enrollment Coordinator. The enrollment coordinator will obtain the necessary signatures and approval from the appropriate faculty member. 

UWSI Online Non-degree Audit Tuition fee - $98 USD per credit hour