LEAP Grant Program




LEAP! Harness the Power of Imagination and Make a Giant Leap Forward for Unity! 

UWM is excited to re-launch the LEAP Grant Program. LEAP grants are a sub-program of the H.U.G. (Help Unity Grow) Fund. They reward innovative ideas from Unity Partner ministries that can bring value to the communities they serve while being in alignment with The Unity Ministry Pillars, easily implemented, subsequently sustainable, and replicable to other ministries in the movement. The grants lay the foundation for UWM to support ministries by granting funds for the creation, growth, and success of innovation. 

Innovation is defined as:

  • A new and actionable idea that has never, or very uncommonly, been tried before in a Unity ministry
  • Pushes the boundaries of how we do ministry today
  • Reimagines something Unity ministries currently do in a way they’ve never done it before


  • Partner Ministries
  • Evolving and Alternative ministries
  • Well-thought-out and innovative proposals that show evidence of your ministry’s financial investment (at least 20%) and volunteer investment to make this happen. The LEAP grant will fill in the gap


  • Bring value to the communities they serve
  • Are in alignment with at least one or two of the Unity Ministry Pillars
  • Are easily implemented
  • Subsequently sustainable
  • Replicable to other ministries in the movement

Key Dates:

  • Application Period – February – March
  • Review Period – April
  • Applicant notification - May
  • Finalists Notification for LEAP Pitch Event – May
  • LEAP Pitch Event – June
  • Award Presentation – June at Annual Convention

The application form is just the first step in the process.

Our intention is that if you receive a grant, it will take your ministry to a new level in furthering the movement of Unity in the world. The awards are based on a level of innovation, value to the community seeking the award, alignment with spiritual principles and mission, and degree to which there is a well thought out plan for implementation and subsequent self-sufficiency. We especially will favor proposals offering a template that other Unity ministries could adopt.

LEAP Pitch Events

UWM will be hosting the LEAP Pitch Event Tuesday, June 4 at 6:00 pm Central on Zoom. It will be an online event that can be attended by members all over the world. The LEAP Pitch Event will offer finalist 10-15 minutes to present their concept to a panel of judges and get the judges and others attending the event excited about their concept to move Unity forward. You can make a stump speech, show a video, or anything else that will convey your passion, understanding and commitment to the concept presented.

Who are the judges? The H.U.G. committee, a representative from UWM, a representative from the Next Generation of Unity, and a previous LEAP recipient.

Click here to watch the Pitch video from June 6, 2023.

Attendance is limited to 100 participants, including the judges and presenters.

Information about the LEAP Pitch Events will be published here and in our monthly UWM Updates e-newsletter. Subscribe here.

LEAP awards require that your ministry is an engaged participant in Unity Worldwide Ministries. This means you tithe regularly and folks from the ministry are involved on teams, ad hoc committees, teaching classes through UWSI, or developing creative content to share with UWM.

We also require that your ministry is led by an ordained Unity minister, a spiritual leader actively participating in the Special Dispensation program, or a minister of record. We will also consider applications from Expansion Ministries.

LEAP Application Form and Additional Information

Please fill out your application form and send it to LEAP

Click here for additional information.