Shad Groverland

President and CEO

Joined UWM - Oct 2020



Main Responsibilities - His sole purpose in this role is to support and equip Unity ministries and leaders to thrive and grow.

Personal Info - Rev. Shad Groverland was born and raised in Unity. After a 25-year career in sound production and management, he was called into ministry and was ordained through Unity Urban Ministerial School in 2016. During his 8 years of combined service as minister at Unity of Las Vegas in Nevada and Unity of Boulder in Colorado, he began to see the issues facing Unity ministries in the modern age and felt a strong desire to address them. After 2 years of service on the Board of Unity Worldwide Ministries, he was hired as President/CEO in October 2020. Since he took the position, his focus has been to develop, equip, and support Unity leaders and ministries to grow in innovative, sustainable and cutting-edge ways. And for the last 2 years, with his wife, Erinna, Shad has been traveling the country with his Power of Focused Ministry workshop, which has seen an attendance of over 1000 Unity leaders from over 200 Unity ministries.