Ceally Smith

Executive Assistant

Joined UWM - Feb 2023



Main Responsibilities - As the Executive Assistant to the President/CEO of Unity Worldwide Ministries, my primary responsibility is to provide administrative and operational support. This includes managing complex calendars, coordinating travel arrangements and meeting logistics, maintaining confidential records and files as well as providing research assistance on various topics. Additionally, I am responsible for preparing correspondence such as letters or emails; responding in a timely manner to all inquiries; ensuring that deadlines are met in an efficient manner; taking notes during meetings with internal or external partners; handling financial transactions related to expenses incurred by the president/CEO’s. Furthermore, I work closely with other departments within Unity Worldwide Ministries while acting as a liaison between them and the president/CEO's office when needed.

Personal Info - As an entrepreneur at heart she owns a meal-prepping company, and an online store for health and wealth products. She has two teenagers who are the center of her world! Outside of being a mother she enjoys taking care of herself by working out, going to the spa, being outside, loving on all animals, and all water sports such as snowboarding and wakeboarding!

Ministry Info - Ceally is not steeped in Unity. Coming here has introduced her to the whole movement. She has enjoyed getting to know Unity and all the characters that she has met so far. She looks forward to continuing her journey with Unity as she feels there is a big piece of Unity to be a part of her life.