Unity Worldwide Ministries History

The Association of Unity Churches was created in the mid-1960s to serve the needs of the churches and ministers throughout the movement.

As the Unity movement was growing, it became increasingly complex to manage the needs of the field ministries. In the mid-1960s, Unity School of Christianity suggested that Unity ministers form a group to support the work of the churches. This resulted in better services for the churches and ministers.

Our organization's overarching/ongoing services include:

  • Progressive, transparent, frequent and interactive communication through multiple mediums
  • Education, CE credits, credentialing 
  • Employment services for ministers and ministries
  • Expansion ministry support
  • Leadership training and development for boards, ministry teams, etc.
  • Administrative support/consulting – HR policy, IRS, pension, manse, etc.
  • Ministry Consulting and Ministry Transition Support (formerly Peace Skills) and ethics peer review
  • Events – Convention, Annual Summit, IYOU, Youth & Family Ministry training, ministry team meetings, consultant trainings
  • Marketing of UWM’s services and products to the field



The formation of the Association of Unity Churches created two major organizations within the movement─the Association being the lesser-known. In 2011, the Association of Unity Churches International adopted the Unity Identity Program. As a result, we changed our name to Unity Worldwide Ministries. This focus on the Unity brand is uniting and strengthening our movement, making us more easily recognizable to the general public.

In 2016 Unity Institute closed its doors and Unity Worldwide Ministries took over the responsibility for training our Unity ministers and licensed teachers. In the fall of 2016 Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute went live with a totally online school. This school not only serves our future Unity leaders, but all those who are interested in our teachings. Anyone who wants to know more about Unity and its principles can now go to UWSI and sign up for classes.

In 2017 Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village invited Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute to once again reside on Unity Village grounds. In August 2017 UWM packed up our offices and moved into the previously-known Education Building. This is the same building that houses the Peace Chapel and Fillmore Chapel. Once again the leadership of the Unity movement is located at Unity Village.

"Development of Unity Worldwide Ministries" article  by Tom Thorpe


Past Board Chairs for Unity Worldwide Ministries

Toni Fish

Rev. Toni Fish

Karen Tudor

Rev. Karen Tudor

Mary Masters

Rev. Mary Masters

David McArthur

Rev. David McArthur

Dan Holloway

Rev. Dan Holloway

Juan Enrique Toro

Rev. Juan Enrique Toro

Diane Sickler

Rev. Diane Sickler

John Strickland

Rev. John Strickland

Joel W. Baehr

Rev. Joel W. Baehr
♦1995-1996 ♦1994-1995

Edie Skalitzky

Rev. Edie Skalitzky

V. Stanford Hampson

Rev. V. Stanford Hampson

Larry Swartz

Rev. Larry Swartz

Jack Barker

Rev. Jack Barker

Jack E. Boland

Rev. Jack E. Boland
♦1979-1980 ♦1978-1979

Joyce Kramer

Rev. Joyce Kramer

Dorothy M. Pierson

Rev. Dorothy M. Pierson
♦1970-1971 ♦1969-1970

Phillip M. Pierson

Rev. Phillip M. Pierson

Mary L. Kupferle

Rev. Mary L. Kupferle
♦1961-1962 ♦1960-1961


Rev. Sharon Ketchum

Tim Alderman

Tim Alderman (1st Lay Leader)

Julie Armour

Rev. Julie Armour

Julie Montague

Rev. Julie Montague

Pat Williamson

Rev. Pat Williamson

Argentina Glasgow

Rev. Argentina Glasgow

Richard Mantei

Rev. Richard Mantei

Jimmie Scott

Rev. Jimmie Scott

Martha "Pat" Barker

Rev. Martha "Pat" Barker

R. Scott Sherman

Rev. R. Scott Sherman

Maya Brandenberger

Rev. Maya Brandenberger

Marshall "Max" Lafser

Rev. Marshall "Max" Lafser

Ruth Mosley

Rev. Ruth Mosley

Bernard Dozier

Rev. Bernard Dozier

James C. Lewis

Rev. James C. Lewis
♦1974-1975 ♦1973-1974

Grover Thornsberry

Rev. Grover Thornsberry
♦1968-1969 ♦1967-1968

Johnnie Colemon

Rev. Johnnie Colemon

Charles A Neal

Rev. Charles A Neal
♦1959-1960 ♦1958-1959

Richard Bunch

Rev. Richard Bunch

Diane Venzera

Rev. Diane Venzera


Rev. Jim Lee

Marilyn Muehlbach

Rev. Marilyn Muehlbach

Roger Goodwin

Rev. Roger Goodwin

Clare Austin

Rev. Clare Austin

Sharon Connors

Rev. Sharon Connors

Norma Iris Rosado

Rev. Norma Iris Rosado

Alan Rowbotham

Rev. Alan Rowbotham

Nancy Neal

Rev. Nancy Neal

Jim Rosemergy

Rev. Jim Rosemergy

Jay Dishman

Rev. Jay Dishman
♦1983-1984 ♦1982-1983

David McClure

Rev. David McClure

Paul C. Barrett

Rev. Paul C. Barrett
♦1977-1978 ♦1976-1977

Robert L. Stevens

Rev. Robert L. Stevens
♦1972-1973 ♦1971-1972

Glenn Mosley

Rev. Glenn Mosley

William W. Helmbold

Rev. William W. Helmbold
♦1963-1964 ♦1962-1963