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Headshot of Vicki BunchRev. Victoria W. Bunch (She/Her)

Hello my friends – It’s exciting to share my life journey with you.  I am an ordained Unity minister, spiritual companion, and adjunct instructor at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute of the Art and Ministry of Spiritual Direction.  I served as co-minister with my husband at Unity of Richmond, VA. for 10 years, followed by studies in spiritual direction based on Jungian, Mystical and Dreamwork models at the Haden Institute.  I was also a team member in developing Unity’s current spiritual direction program.  Currently, I am guest speaker in churches, facilitate individual and group spiritual direction sessions, present workshops on family systems, individuation, and Jungian awareness, as well as participate with my husband in our field ministry, Unity Without Walls.

I received a B.A. in English Literature from Christopher Newport University and earned a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. My clinical experience primarily focused on healing work with traumatized and abused women and children in hospitals, mental health units, family service agencies, women’s shelters, and private practice.  

I have been married to Rev. Richard Bunch, my partner-in-ministry, since 1988.  Our family includes four adult children from our blended marriage, six grandchildren, and a Labradoodle named Amazing Grace or “Mazie.”  I am a member of a Buddhist insight meditation sangha and part of an amazing book study group.  

Headshot of Jeanmarie EckJeanmarie Eck (She/Her)

My spiritual direction approach is based in the understanding that the answers you seek are already present within you. Together, we create a sacred space to notice how God is working in your life and practice bringing your attention to the core of your being, where insight and wisdom are present when called upon with a sincere heart. I welcome directees who wish to deepen their intuition and spirituality and to live authentically.

I hold a Certification in Spiritual Direction from Perkins School of Theology (SMU), and I am an ordained Unity minister (2014) with a Masters of Divinity from Unity Institute & Seminary, and am a Licensed Unity Teacher in Adult Education. I currently serve as Lead Associate Minister at Unity of Houston, where I am the Director of Adult Education, mentoring ministerial students and LUT candidates. I am a contributing writer for Unity’s blessing booklets.

A lifelong performing artist, I have performed throughout the US in theatre, film and television, and have an MFA from the University of Mississippi and a BA from Rollins College. I am on UWSI’s Spiritual Direction Advisory Council, and served on the UWM Board for over 3 years. I am a SoulCollage® Facilitator, I practice Insight Meditation and yoga, and live with my wonderful husband, daughter and 2 rescue dogs. I offer remote sessions by Zoom or in-person in Houston, TX.


Headshot of Jere FarrellJere Farrell (He/Him)

I was originally born in Ireland and have been in the United States over 40 years. I have been in ministry for 37 years, 13 of those as a Catholic priest, five as an Interfaith hospice chaplain, and 18 as a Unity minister. I have been a spiritual Director since 1996 when I was certified by the Mercy center in Burlingame California.

I am a 66-year-old, married (23 years) gay man. I am comfortable working with the LGBTQ+community. I am very familiar with the 12 Step Program, especially through adult children of alcoholics. I have taught the Enneagram since 1990. I have lived in a multicultural environment in Hawaii, and feel that working with people of a different ethnicity is also a strong point of mine. I am very interested in spirituality and metaphysics. I have a special interest in doing healing work using the imagination, and also dabble in mediumship. I had a mystical “oneness experience” aged 17 after a failed suicide attempt.

Email spiritualdirection@unity.org to reach Jere.

Headshot of Ron KarstetterRon Karstetter (He/Him)

"The spiritual director is concerned with the whole person, for the spiritual life is not just the life of the mind, or of the affections, or of the "summit of the soul'- it is the life of the whole person." ~Thomas Merton

Focus Areas: LGBTQIA+, Men's Issues, Creative Arts, Mindfulness/Meditation, Non-Traditional Healing, Codependency, Group Spiritual Direction.

Email spiritualdirection@unity.org to reach Rev Ron.

Headshot of Emmy Kellie-SchellangEmmie Kellie-Schellang (She/Her)

Spiritual direction is an interpersonal and interspiritual relationship with a trained soul friend, called a spiritual director or spiritual companion, in which we learn to grow, live, and love in the spiritual life. Spiritual directors work with people of all religions and those with no faith background whatsoever.

I grew up in a Roman Catholic family before finding my way to Siddha Yoga and finally to Unity. In addition, I've been exposed to Sufism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and the spiritual but not religious group. I currently attend Unity of San Francisco. I am a Licensed Unity Teacher (2003) and a graduate of Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute’s Spiritual Direction Certificate program (2023). Of my varied spiritual background, Catholicism taught me a love of ritual and sacred music while Siddha Yoga taught me oneness and that everyone carries divinity within them. Unity reinforced the oneness of all as well as the creative power of our minds and imaginations.

I received a master of social work degree in interpersonal mental health practice from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan (1981) and am thus well versed in how to work with those experiencing mental health as well as spiritual concerns. I also specialize in providing spiritual companionship to members of the clergy, trauma survivors, and those experiencing grief and loss.

Email spiritualdirection@unity.org to reach Emmie

Headshot of Joni LorraineJoni Lorraine (She/Her)

I am dedicated to bringing my heart and listening into encounters with others in a way that deepens the connection that each of us has to each other and God. This breaks down barriers that might prevent us from our fullest self-expression. When these barriers are removed, we are free to experience a rich wellspring of love and forgiveness for ourselves and others. I am dedicated to continuously revealing the truth of who and Whose I am while serving others to fully flourish in their own lives.

After many years of deep interests in many things, I have concluded that I am a creative lifelong learner committed to being relational, self-aware and... joyous. I love spiritual direction, healthcare chaplaincy, spirituality, creativity, social justice, people, and community. I also insist on the Oxford comma. My long-term passions include a love for acting and directing in live theatre, photography, and personal development. I bring my experience in education, training, facilitation, healthcare chaplaincy and even theatre, to my passion for the work of spiritual direction.

I am a member of Spiritual Director's International and began my spiritual direction practice in 2019 and am the Program Coordinator for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's Spiritual Direction Certification Program.  I am a proud graduate of the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest, with a degree in Spiritual Formation, where the focus of my program included both Spiritual Direction and Healthcare Chaplaincy. I welcome all humans into the practice of spiritual direction, and I have a focused appreciation and understanding for those who are in 12 Step recovery, are clergy, those who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and those who are spiritual but not religious.

I live just outside Austin TX, with my amazing wife Tammy and Sam, our quirky little dog. I am wholeheartedly committed to joy.



Headshot of Sue McQueenSue McQueen (She/Her)

The spiritual path is both joyful and challenging. If we are truly growing, we never stop learning about ourselves. We stay open and curious about our own responses and reactivities to whatever crosses our path.

I do have time for a limited number of directees as I am a senior minister at a vibrant, growing Unity center. I am honored to be a spiritual companion to any woman who is dedicated to living a life of increasing spiritual awareness.

Email spiritualdirection@unity.org to reach Rev Sue.

Headshot of Rob MooreRob Moore (He/Him)

I was ordained into the Unitarian Universalist (UU) ministry in 2001. I have served Interim ministries in Grand Junction, CO and Port Townsend, WA and as Family Life Pastor in Southlake, TX. In addition to these ministries, I have led a UU youth sexuality education series, led a few spiritual formation small groups, and participated in various choirs along the way. I trained as a spiritual director at HeartPaths in the DFW area, graduating in 2018, and I am an advisor for students in the Unity Worldwide Ministries spiritual direction program.

Email spiritualdirection@unity.org to reach Rev Rob.

Headshot of Bridget PurdomeBridget Purdome (She/Her)

Spiritual Direction is like diving for pearls into often deep and sometimes murky waters. You will be invited to pay attention to what is stirring within you, reflect on how Spirit (however you name this great mystery) is working in your life, and discern how you would like to respond. There will be times of sharing and times of silence.

I have accompanied people from diverse backgrounds including women, men, and non-binary individuals, those who identify as LGBTQ+, BIPOC, those from various spiritual traditions, and those who are spiritual but not religious. All are warmly welcomed!

I am an Instructor and Spiritual Direction Supervisor for Unity’s Spiritual Direction program. For over ten years, I provided spiritual care to those who had experienced homelessness, were HIV positive, in recovery from substance addictions and/or challenged with other physical and mental illnesses.  Prior to this, I provided facilitation and instructional design services to non-profit, educational, and corporate organizations.  

I hold Masters’ degrees in Divinity and Spirituality/Spiritual Direction from Loyola University’s Institute of Pastoral Studies which included training in both Contemporary Spiritual Direction and the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.  I completed Spiritual Direction Supervisor training through the Chicago Jesuit Community, Meditation Teacher training through the Temple of Kriya Yoga, and Coaching Training through CTU’s ThrivingTogether program.  I also hold a Masters of Adult Education from National-Louis University. 
I live in Chicago with my husband, Mark.  We enjoy visiting our adult children, Ciaran and Megan, in Novia Scotia and Los Angeles.  


Headshot of Yvonne RacineYvonne Racine (She/Her)

Spiritual Direction is accompanying a person or group who would like to have a deeper relationship with the Divine, whatever that means to them. A Spiritual Director is one who listens from a holy perspective to whatever the directee is saying and experiencing, and is always directing them back to their own inner knowing beyond the personality. It’s really about learning to see and appreciate how the Divine is at work in every area of their lives.

I am a Spiritual Director/Companion with background in numerous spiritual traditions including New Thought, Christianity, Buddhism and ACIM. I am a graduate of the Unity Worldwide Ministries Art of Spiritual Direction Program and is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Life Coach. I am an ordained Unity Minister and teacher who identifies more as spiritual than religious. I have extensive training and experience in visionary leadership and celebrancy working with religious and non-religious individuals and families. Focus Areas: Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Divorced/Widowed, Grief and Loss, Mindfulness/Meditation, Non-Traditional Healing, Women's Issues.


Headshot of Maggie RoscheMargaret Rosche (She/Her)

I am a retired Public Health Social Worker, originally from Buffalo, New York, now residing in Melbourne Florida. I facilitate Group Direction, Spiritual Education and Enrichment classes, and contemplative worship experiences there.  I was a Hospital Chaplain with Health First Hospitals from 2006 – 2023 and am a Spiritual Director offering both individual and group direction since 2009. My training was with Audire in Orlando, Florida where I also serve as a student supervisor.  I am excited that Unity has added Spiritual Direction as part of its evolving education menu and I serve as a program advisor and supervisor there as well. I feel that Spiritual Direction is a unique companioned practice of spiritual discovery and evolution which supports participants as they journey toward a more sacred personal and collective consciousness. I find that my Unity Licensed Teacher, Spiritual Direction and Chaplain ministries have been spiritual disciplines which ground, center and balance me, allowing me to both serve and grow.

My first book of poetry, Falling Into Love: Thoughts Along the Path, inspired by my own grief journey, was published in 2005.  A second book, Ways: Thoughts on Living The Truth And The Life, was published in 2010.  My current spiritual heroes, besides the mystics of all faiths, include Richard Rohr, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Matthew Fox, John Shelby Spong, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Barbara Taylor Brown, and Jacqui Lewis.

Email spiritualdirection@unity.org to reach Maggie.

Headshot of Michelle Van Eyck.Michelle Van Eyck (She/Her)

At its core, spiritual direction is an invitation to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and connection with the divine. It is a sacred relationship that fosters a deep exploration of the meaning, purpose, and possibilities of life, in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Spiritual direction acknowledges that each person's spiritual journey is unique and deeply personal, requiring individualized attention and support.

As your spiritual director, I am here to hold space for you by offering compassionate listening, guidance, and support as you navigate your spiritual path. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, where you will have the opportunity to express your spiritual experiences, doubts, questions, and aspirations. By creating an environment that is reflective and empathetic, I will encourage you to tap into your inner wisdom and find your own truth.

By engaging in the spiritual direction process, you will have the opportunity to explore the depths of your soul, uncover your true purpose, and uncover the miraculous power that lies within you. Together, we'll create a container of trust, respect, and confidentiality, where you can freely explore the mysteries of the divine and uncover your own unique path. I look forward to hearing from you and partnering with you on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Together, we'll embark on a journey towards authenticity, purpose, and connection with the divine.

Facebook Page: Michelle Van Eyck, Journey Within Spiritual Direction
SDI- Michelle Van Eyck, Spiritual director/companion