Glenda Walden

Learning Cohort Leader & Evolving Ministries Coordinator

Joined UWM - Aug 2020



Main Responsibilities - This position supports and equips the development of new ministries, assists ministry leaders in thinking creatively and exploring different ways of doing ministry, and processes applications for new ministries. As the MOR coordinator, this position recruits, trains, and supports candidates interested in serving as a MOR, create support networks for MORs through monthly connection calls, provides interested ministries with the requirements and MOR Assessment and connects ministry with a vetted MOR candidate.

Personal Info - 

Wherever there is water, you will find Glenda in her Kayak.  She is a kayak enthusiast and when not on her kayak, enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandkids.  Rev. Glenda Walden is a 2015 graduate of the Unity Urban Ministerial School.  She became an ordained Unity Minister, May 6, 2016.  She lives in Evansville, IN with her wife and dog, Halo.

In her current position, she completed a 10-month learning cohort through Fresh Expressions focused on pioneering ministries.  She has taken this experience and developed both a student-focused pioneering learning cohort and a ministerial cohort for existing ministries interested in evolving their ministries. 

In 2023 Glenda completed the SpiritGroup program leader training. With this certification, she provides coaching and support to ministries who are interested in revitalizing, evolving, or redefining their ministry using the UWM SpiritGroup model. 

Ministry Info - In addition to her position at UWM, Glenda is the SpiritGroup program leader for Unity of Evansville, which is her spiritual home.