Rachel Gaither

Early Adult/NextGen Coordinator

Joined UWM - Mar 2020



Main Responsibilities - Rachel Oversees all of Early Adult Programming, including NextGen SpiritGroups and NextGen Events, promotion, training, and education of Unity YFM and ministerial leadership regarding these programs. She also does LoveLight Programming in coordination with the International Youth of Unity program, and the instigation of fundraising, grants, and financial support for all Early Adult programs

Personal Info - Rachel has been in education since 2001, with a background in professional tutoring, personal life coaching, and mentoring youth, giving her over 20 years of experience educating using the learning process for students, both with informational learning as well as emotional intelligence. The experiences Ms. Gaither has gleaned over the years in all of these areas equip her with a passion to create lasting youth and early adult programming for Unity generations to come.

Ministry Info - Rachel was born into a Unity family--her father is a well-known minister and teacher in the movement--and she grew up visiting the Unity Village grounds as the place her parents both worked, as well as in the youth programs of local Unity churches. She served as a Youth of Unity officer during her time with the program in high school, and went back to serve as a sponsor for her home chapter and region from 2004-2011. This gives her a unique perspective on the benefits and shortfalls of Unity's youth programming over time, as well as an inside look at the experiences of her peers and mentees, the younger generations within Unity, equipping her with the information to be able to make positive change and program transformation from within the movement.