Non-Traditional Ministry Resources

The landscape of our ministries is changing.  Many churches across all denominations are shrinking or closing all together.  The number of U.S. adults who do not identify with any organized religion is growing. Just as the containers from our childhood have changed, so must the containers for our spiritual experience.


There are some questions to ask first:

  • What is the difference between “doing something old in a new way” and “doing something brand-new in an old way”?
  • Rev. Dr. Theresa Thames asked, “How we do not drown in all the tradition and not be overwhelmed by innovation?”
  • What is important to the ministry?
New Containers
The new containers are only limited by our imagination. Here are some examples of new containers in the Unity movement:
Unity Arts Ministry is an alternative Unity ministry started by Rev. Jennifer Hutchins that integrates creative expression with spiritual enrichment. We offer creative workshops and programming; retreats; guest speaking; and host both a local and global Unity Artists Coalition. We believe that creativity is our birthright and demonstrate that art making can be practiced by anyone as a way of deepening one's spiritual practice. Follow us on FaceBook and Instagram @UnityArtsMinistry. 
The Spiritual Forum is a dialogue-centered gathering and podcast ministry. We gather weekly to engage in dialogue on spiritual topics led by Rev. Carol Saunders, and produce a weekly podcast that is made available to the world on iTunes, Stitcher, or any podcast app. We are a community of people who are deeply committed to the spiritual path, growing in our relationship with God and our understanding of ourselves and others. During The Spiritual Forum, participants engage in self-inquiry and authentically share their stories to support others on their paths. Read here for more information.