Better Together

“Serving Today’s Ministries With Purpose”


Our Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) board and central office staff are in the midst of a strategic planning process to help us better serve you. It's called the “Better Together Project.” John Wimberly served as our coach and consultant in 2020 to help us gain clarity on the purpose of our UWM central office and board. All success begins with clarity of purpose, then goals and strategies will follow. Be sure to check The Path e-newsletter for more information as it develops.

We Want Your DEI Ideas!

Rev. Sandra Campbell and Rev. Toni Fish have volunteered to collect information on the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) programs and activities that are being developed and used in our communities. They will be creating a platform on which we can easily share the information and resources. Please use this fillable form to provide information on your program/activities. Resource lists are always welcome. Please send your completed form to

New Purpose Statement

With lots of input from two rounds of focus groups from the field and staff, our board of trustees has discerned our new purpose statement (July 20, 2020):

Develop, equip, and support Unity leaders and communities to grow in innovative, sustainable, and cutting-edge ways.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals for 2021-2022 
2021 Year in Review

2021  Video   PowerPoint  (released March 2021)  Español

After many rounds of refinement within in the Leadership Team and with approval of the Board, our multi-year strategic plan focuses us on our what, who, why, and how. This is our roadmap for the next few years, to assist you to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Reports and Updates

Thank you all for your input to the Focus Groups! Below are the first draft documents from our consultant John Wimberly.

Work Efficiencies and Workload Reduction, December 10, 2020

Updates from the UWM Board, July 20, 2020

Better Together Phase 2 Report to the Board of Trustees, July 20, 2020

Updates from the UWM Board, May 22, 2020

Better Together Phase I Report to Board of Trustees, May 15, 2020

First Draft of UWM Purpose Statement and Priority Areas, May 7, 2020

Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and passion for Unity and Unity Worldwide Ministries with us!

Better Together Beginning

See Rev. Patricia T. Bass, Interim CEO, introduce John Wimberly in her video update.